I started creating this series in 2019, during the lockdown, when I lived in the countryside. My only connection to the world is my smartphone and what I see in it. There was an opportunity to become an outside observer, time to analyze your feelings. I am interested in the topic of interaction between man and society, social roles. The search for the real and sincere has become my main goal in general.

I realized that “Selfie” has become a vivid symbol of this search and research. I see in them a reflection of the topics that concern me — self-love, courage, the triumph of a woman on the one hand. And fear, the desire to please, artificiality, stereotyped — on the other. As well as transience and the inability to grasp the meanings. When creating my paintings, I write photos found on Instagram. I want to slow down time in order to see, to be able to see something important. I want the same thing from the viewer looking at my paintings — to think, to see yourself from the outside. At all times, artists, depicting the image of a woman, conveyed the spirit of the time. In my opinion, “selfie” is the most accurate reflection of the spirit of our time.

Works in this series have been featured in the online gallery OilyOil, and are now in private collections.

Also, this series was presented at the contemporary art fair at the Museum of Moscow BLAZAR in 2021.

And the crown of this series was a collaboration with the brand ROGOV SHOP. The result was a series of selfie works reflecting the autumn collection of the brand.